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My Art Teacher at Clee Boys Grammar School in Grimsby UK, Mr. Tom Robinson was the person who put me on the right path to become an artist. He gave me the freedom of the art room on the condition that I worked, I was back taking Ordinary Level exams again.

Instead of being bored I went through the art library and used all the materials available. It was at this time that I began to see something in non-figurative art (abstract as it is known).

Mr Robinson encouraged me to work, “It doesn’t matter what you do – just work”. This is engraved inside my brain to this day. He allowed me to do the non-figurative question in the Ordinary Level exam, and when I passed, he suggested I take the Advanced Level exam the year after.

He called me ‘The Multi-Media Kid’, in other words the young one who used anything and everything in his creative work.

The rest is history.

Thank-you Mr Tom Robinson.